Eye Mask – Step Up Your Makeup Game

Eye masks are one of my favorite things to use for making my tired eyes seem energized. There are amazing benefits to using an eye mask, such as reducing puffiness and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles (and who doesn’t want that).  The eye contour skin is much thinner than our regular face skin, so we must treat it delicately, as it’s quick to show signs of wear and tear.



I think makeup should be about playing and expressing yourself. Sure, it can also be used to help hide flaws and present a “better you,” but when that’s the focus, it can take the fun out of the whole primping process. And if you suffer from under-eye circles that require you to have multiple, full-coverage concealers on-call, you know what I’m talking about. That’s where under-eye gel patches come in. A choice application timing of them can be a game-changer in your makeup routine. Instead of using those soothing, cooling patches immediately after you wake up or at the end of a long day, wait until you’re ready to start your makeup to apply them.

By applying eye masks right before you start your makeup, it can help makeup application be more effective. Those strategically placed patches are perfect for catching fallout from eyeshadow, so you won’t have to worry about having smoky cheekbones in addition to smoky eyes. And what’s more, is that you won’t have to layer on all the concealer either. By letting the eye patches do their magic right before you do your makeup, some of that unwanted shadow (both the kind you apply to your lids and the kind that is naturally under your eyes) can be reduced, causing you to not need as much concealer as you might normally. Sounds like a win-win-win, right? If so, here are some eye patches you’ll definitely want to try.

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Doing an eye mask weekly will help you look awake and feel great when you look in the mirror…and besides all the scientific reasons why you should treat your eyes, it gives you a reason why you should lay your head back and relax.



It’s no secret that us skin care-obsessed beauty editors love a good face mask. And with so many different types to choose from—think: sheet masks, clay masks, charcoal masks—there is (quite literally) one to enjoy on every occasion. So, when exactly is the best time to apply a face mask? Our enthusiastic answer is anytime, anywhere! Well, except for a few instances. (Don’t wear a clay mask to work…just don’t.) Ahead, we share the top ten times to reach for a face mask!



There’s no doubt face masks are gaining serious popularity the beauty sphere. Be it a serum-enhanced mask, an oil-absorbing charcoal mask, or a detoxifying clay mask, there’s truly a mask for everyone to enjoy. For that reason, we like turning to face masks to cater to a wide variety of our skin concerns and needs. And if skin care benefits aren’t enough to reel you in, at least consider them for a relaxing, at-home spa day. Self-care is important to your overall well-being, so what better way to make time for yourself than by kicking your feet up while wearing a skin-loving face mask?


No mask is created equal—and that’s a good thing! Depending on the mask you choose, you can expect a specific benefit. The first step is to pinpoint what exactly you’re looking to address on your skin, whether it’s signs of aging, lack of moisture, dullness, etc. Then, you can go about finding your most compatible mask match. To assist your search, we break down the benefits of popular types of face masks, here:

Clay masks: From bentonite to kaolin, clay masks come in all shapes and sizes and are a classic skin care staple. The popular status is well deserved, considering they’re powerhouses for helping to remove excess oil and purify pores, all while promoting a healthy-looking skin glow.

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